Founded in 2004,Guanghan N&D Carbide Co Ltd is one of the fast growing and leading manufacturers in China working specifically with super hard metals. We specialize in producing a wide range of wear part for oil & gas drilling, flow control and cutting industry.

Modern equipment, highly motivated personnel, and unique manufacturing efficiencies result in low costs and short lead times allowing ND to provide its customers with exceptional service and value.

From the selection of premium raw materials to the precision finishing and polishing of complex parts,ND performs all process steps. ND Carbide also offers a full range of carbide grades in both cobalt and nickel binders. These include micrograin grades for applications requiring exceptional combinations of wear resistance and tensile strength, hardness for use in highly corrosive environments, and high cobalt binder grades for production tooling applications demanding high toughness and impact strength.

ND Carbide produces all of the carbide covered by the industry standards as well as custom grades to meet special customer requirements. The cemented carbide material are available either as semi-finished blanks or as precision-machined parts. 

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