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1.It can be used with both electrically-powered and pneumatically-powered hand-held tools to cut the most diverse types of material, such as aluminium, brass, titanium alloys, cast iron, copper, zinc alloys, bronze, nickel, various plastics, alloy steels and so on. It can be used on a wide range of pneumatic, electric and flexible drive tools.

2.From tooth cutting to restoration finishing, we can offer reliable and durable products.

3.Different bur shape can be supplied.  Main Shape: SA,SB,SC,SD,SE,SF,SG,SH,SJ,SL,SM,SK,SN

4.Tungsten carbide burs blanks are available.

Picture for reference:

    Cylindrical (Plain End)-SHAPE A                                    Cylindrical (End Cut)-SHAPE B    


      Cylindrical (Radius End)-SHAPE C                                    BALL SHAPE-  SHAPE D                   


                              Oval- SHAPE E                                        Tree(Radius End)-SHAPE F        


            Tree(Pointed End)-SHAPE G                                             Flame-SHAPE H              


          60 Degree Cone-SHAPE J                             14 DegreeTaper(Radius End)-SHAPE L        


                Cone- SHAPE M                                      90 Degree Cone- SHAPE K         


          Inverted Cone- SHAPE N