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Tellurium telluride mining lead the application of tellurium and copper into LED industry. As a new type of special copper alloy material with high conductivity, energy saving, lead-free environmental protection and easy cutting performance, copper series alloy has been promoted and applied in many industries since it was released. After being applied to aerospace, aviation, electronics, power, photovoltaic, welding and cutting, at present, Xin te mining tellurium copper series alloy products have been successfully applied in the LED industry.

Wide market and wide range of applications

Xinju mining as the first domestic engaged in the development and production of tellurium copper alloy business, won the independent intellectual property rights of multiple products, special - western national high technology industry construction of the new high impedance electric arc and tellurium copper alloy series free cutting project demonstration project, has built and put into production, the company has successively developed the production of tellurium copper alloy products series (DT, PDT) on the market.

The application in electronic, electrical, hardware, machinery, plumbing and other industries, products are recognized industry users, and set up a copper alloy supplier good brand image, has become a large number of domestic and foreign enterprises qualified suppliers, has laid a good foundation for the promotion and application of market sales of the implementation of the project.

Tellurium copper alloy products xinju mining production in line with national and local new material industry "12th Five-Year" development planning requirements, and included in the new materials industry "12th Five-Year" key catalogue, the State encourages the development of industrial projects. The process technology is in the lead, the quality of the production equipment and products all reach the advanced level in China, the product structure is reasonable, the market demand is met, the market prospect is broad, and it has obvious social benefits and remarkable economic benefits.

In the future, the national development plan of new material industry in Sichuan province "and" 12th Five-Year "12th Five-Year" strategic emerging materials Industrial Development Industrial Policy under the guidance of relevant industries of tellurium copper alloy products series of application prospects and market demand will continue to expand and increase, the market potential is huge.

March into LED industry

The day before, xinju mineral tellurium copper alloy series products are widely used in the LED industry, this is a new application field for the following products should be used in aerospace, electronics, electric power, photovoltaic, welding and cutting, automobile, hardware, construction and other industries development.

LED industry is the key industry supported by the national "12th Five-Year plan". After releasing the roadmap of incandescent lamps in 2011, the LED industry has developed rapidly, and the amount of basic materials including copper has soared. It is understood that the use of copper and copper alloy LED industry is mainly LED stent (lead frame material, also known as tie piece) and LED cooling matrix (copper, copper foil), LED stent maximum amount.

With the development of LED industry, the market demand for LED products is higher and higher, and the material requirements are more stringent. The tellurium copper alloy products produced by our company have the advantages of high conductivity, easy cutting, arc resistance, corrosion resistance, energy saving, environmental protection, material saving and so on, and have been introduced into the industry.

The great development potential of LED industry provides a wider market space for tellurium copper products in our company. And our company tellurium copper products into the field of LED, but also will greatly enhance the overall performance of LED products, bring new competitiveness for the development of LED industry

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