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Recently, due to the nickel and copper prices rebounded, the government introduced preferential policies for the use of electricity tariff, Gansu nonferrous enterprises part of the production facilities to resume operation. According to the reporter, the Jinchuan company 50 thousand tons of electrolytic copper production line, silver state into a zinc smelting plant, aluminum in Liancheng branch 54 200kA electrolyzer, 23 Aluminum Inc Gansu Hualu 170kA electrolyzer have electricity, Gansu 10 kinds of non-ferrous metal production increased slightly. In the first half of this year, Gansu produced 1 million 654 thousand and 700 tons of non-ferrous metals, an increase of 1.88% over the same period of last year, including 398 thousand and 300 tons of copper, 1 million 83 thousand and 500 tons of aluminum, 85 thousand and 900 tons of zinc, 75 thousand and 800 tons of nickel. Silver copper production reached 73 thousand tons, an increase of 169%. Dongxing steel Aluminum Inc produced 530 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum, an increase of 29%.

The main problems existing in Gansu nonferrous metals industry are manifested in three aspects: first, although the benefits of copper and nickel enterprises have been significantly improved, the aluminum smelting enterprises are still living a difficult life. In the first half, Jinchuan company achieved operating income of 100 billion 670 million yuan, an increase of 36%, to achieve profits and taxes of 1 billion 470 million yuan, of which profits of 505 million yuan, an increase of 158.66%. But in Lanzhou aluminum company, Liancheng branch, Gansu Hualu Aluminum Inc are very serious losses, the loss amounted to 525 million yuan, 382 million yuan and 148 million yuan. Two is weak sales of products, capital recovery is slow, business financing difficulties. Three is the price of raw materials, labor costs, transportation costs rise. The price of electricity in the province has no competitive advantage in the northwest region, and the electrolytic aluminum enterprises are seriously losing. After the national railway freight price increased by 1.5 points per ton, the transportation cost of enterprises increased.

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