Tungsten Carbide Shaft Sleeve for Pump

Short Description:

* Tungsten Carbide, Nickel/Cobalt Binder

* Sinter-HIP Furnaces

* CNC Machining

* Outer Diameter: 10-500mm

* Sintered, finished standard, and mirror lapping ;

* Additional sizes,tolerances, grades and quantities are available upon request.

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Tungsten carbide is an inorganic chemical compound which contains numbers of tungsten and carbon atoms. Tungsten carbide, also known as “cemented carbide”, “hard alloy” or “hardmetal”, is a kind of metallurgic material which contains tungsten carbide powder (chemical formula: WC) and other binder (cobalt, nickel. etc.).
Tungsten Carbide - Cemented tungsten carbides are derived from a high percentage of tungsten carbide particles bonded together by a ductile metal. The common binders used for bushings are nickel and cobalt. The resultant properties are dependent upon the tungsten matrix and percentage of binder (typically 6 to 15% by weight per volume).

It can be pressed and formed into customized shapes, can be grinded with precision, and can be welded with or grafted to other metals. Various types and grades of carbide can be designed as required for use in application intended, including chemical industry, oil & gas and marine as mining and cutting tools, mould and die, wear parts, etc

Base on different application of the users, tungsten carbide bushes are usually made of different tungsten carbide grades. The major two series of tungsten carbide grade is YG(cobalt) series and YN(Nickel) series. Generally speaking, YG series tungsten carbide bushes have higher transverse rupture strength, while YN series tungsten carbide bush resist corrosion better than the former one.

Tungsten carbide shaft sleeve shows high hardness and transverse rupture strength, and it has superior performance on resisting abrasion and corrosion, which enable it to be widely used in many industries.

The tungsten carbide shaft sleeve will be used mainly for rotating support, aligning, anti-thrust and seal of the axle of motor, centrifuge, protector and separator of the submerged electric pump in the adverse working conditions of high speed rotating, sand lash abrasion and gas corrosion in the oil field, such as slide bearing sleeve, motor axle sleeve and seal axle sleeve.


There is a big choice of sizes and types of the tungsten carbide bush sleeve, we can also recommend, design, develop, produce the products according to the drawings and requirements of the customers. 

T.C Bush Shape For Reference


Material Grade Of Tungsten Carbide Bush(ONLY FOR REFERENCE)


Production Process


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